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How did I get my start here on Deviantart, well, that is a funny thing really when I look back on how I got started. To answer that question we must first roll back the clock to seven years ago, back to the year 2007. It was during that year my final year in high school was coming to a close. It was a thrilling period of time for me and my classmates, we were finally going to leave behind the trappings of an academic life and embrace the outside world. Well, needless to say that after I graduated I found myself in a bit of a conundrum, you see originally I planned on attending Holyoke Community College. But despite my plan, I felt a strange sense of longing, emptiness that made me wonder what was I going to do? It was true I could attend HCC but then the reality of driving alone on the turnpike and having to deal with traffic began to set in and it terrified me.

  My dad though, found the solution on that one day in July and the answer was the Institute of Children's Literature. You see, for a time I believed that drawing and being an artist was my true calling in life. I couldn't have been more wrong, it was true I was good at drawing but it wouldn't be until my dad finally told me the truth a year prior in 2006 that I was no suited to be an artist that it made sense. My dad showed me that which I had for years been blind to, and that was my talent as a writer. So needless to say when 2007 rolled around I began improving my writing skills and I loved every minute of it. So when my dad approached me that July of 2007 about a school for writers I was all for it. And boy did I love it, as I participated in the Institute of Children's Literature, I discovered my talent for writing and soon it lead me to another Writing Institute called the Long Ridge Writers Group which was geared for teenage and adult writing. From the courses I took from both my knowledge grew until finally I felt compelled to try and sell my work to magazines and other outlets.

    Now how does this equate to Deviantart? Well, you see I had seen Deviantart during my time in school and had found it to be a rather curious place. You see during the time I was taking the writing courses for the institutes I had run into a snag in that I was writing a lot but not sending it out anywhere. It was not that I didn't want to and that I was afraid of rejection slips, no far from it. You see my mind is like a giant melding pot of ideas that are always being generated and usually they are generated so quickly my mind barely has time to flesh out one idea before another pops up. Anyway, long story short it was during the year 2010 that after I learned that people not only posted drawings but writing on the site that I felt compelled to create an account of my own.

  My goal for creating the account had two purposes: One was that it could allow me to showcase my talent and gain feedback on my work this way I could grow further as a writer. Two was that I was hoping to make friends on this site because in truth I'm a guy who is always willing to make new friends. In fact the second option was one of the main driving forces for creating this account. So anyway, unlike most artists and writers on the site I didn't have a flagship character that would identify me. Heck, I didn't even know about mascot flagship characters until I ran into people like :icontheenglishgent: or :iconjollyjack: . I mean I didn't even know there were groups on the site either when I first joined. If anything this place was like one giant amusement park that bedazzled me to no end. 

 The very first piece of writing I posted here on Deviant Art was a fanfic story I did based after one of my favorite anime series Fate Stay Night. The story… was my first fanfic story and was one of my earliest posts. After that I began writing other original works on the sight like my dinosaur stories involving one of my first original characters a T-Rex named Big Black. The story involving him… was one of my favorite pieces to work on. 

 Another piece of work I also did involved my character Leo from my Fate Stay Night fanfic in some quasi stories that I will admit had no real baring or any continuity to them. Other works I did also include a Dragon Ball Z story involving an invasion of Djinn. To say I enjoyed doing that story didn't do it justice. I also did some Kingdom Hearts pieces with a current project which is a crossover between Fate/Stay Night and Kingdom Hearts though it is on a small hiatus. But another project of mine is the story called Type Mask which is a crossover of Type Moon's three series: Fate Stay Night, Tsukihime, and Kara No Kyokai with the Mask. A difficult project that one, since I only paid attention to the Fate series.

 So anyway, after much thinking recently I've just recently begun bringing out more of my original content because while fanfiction is good I want people to see the universe and characters I've created. So thus I have begun working on my mythos and intend to post it here on Deviant Art. Oh, I would also like to mention that a while back I did upload pictures here on Deviant Art mostly drawings of game characters and other stuff. But as I mentioned before hand I'm not really an artist in the aspect of drawing but writing is a different matter. 

  In closing that is pretty much my deviant art story, I know it may not be super exciting compared to most others but there you go. So I thank you readers who have taken the time to read this and hope this gives you some insight as to how I got my start on Deviant Art. Peace out everyone.

- ChojinRyu


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Keith Sisco
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Name: Keith Sisco
Residence: Monson, MA

I am a guy who loves anime, manga, writing, drawing, video games and comics. I am also a dino buff and a sword collector. I am a very sociable person and am always eager to make friends and chat with people. So if you like don't be afraid to come on over here I won't turn you away.

With that said I am a freelance writer who writes children's stories, science fiction, Fantasy, Horror, fanfiction, and am working on several novels.

Big time godzilla fan, Star Wars fan, Fate/Stay night fan, and more.

Current Residence: Monson, MA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: unknown
Print preference: unknown
Favourite genre of music: Rock N' Roll, classical music, and video game music
Favourite photographer: none
Favourite style of art:Anime, Manga, Cutting Edge

Please note the picture above is not mine, I am merely using it to decorate my page.

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